Aneliya hristova

Aneliya Hristova was born in Provadiya, Bulgaria. She graduated from Dimitar Blagoev Secondary School in Provadiya, attending ballet and modern dance classes.

She graduated from the University of “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, obtaining a degree in Preschool and Primary School Pedagogy (PUPP) and master’s degree in Management of Education.

Anelia is a specialist in intercultural education and work with bilingual children. She participates in the organization of various Bulgarian cultural and social events in the Republic of Cyprus.

In 2020 she established the Bulgarian Cultural Club in the Republic of Cyprus. It is a non-governmental organization that brings together, spreads and promotes Bulgarian culture,language and traditions.


Mariana Ishmerieva was born in March 1, 1962 in Yambol, Bulgaria. She completed a secondary education at “Vassil Levski” Secondary School. Yambol, specialty “Artistic Gymnastics”;.

Her training continues at the “Vasil Levski” National Sports Academy – Sofia. She graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach.

After graduating, she works as a sports choreographer at a sports acrobatics club in Diana Hall, Yambol, and as a gymnastics trainer at the CDD in Yambol.
On June 1, 2015 Diana opens the “Iliakhtida” Children's Aesthetic Gymnastics Group – Cyprus.
The children participate in many official events organized by the Bulgarian community in the Republic of Cyprus, festivals and other sporting events of competitive nature, winning many awards.

Monica Melecki

Monika Vasileva Melecki was born in December 24, 1965 in Pernik. In 1983 she graduates from the Russian language high school in her hometown. She applies at VITIZ in 1984 and was accepted.

She studies there for two years acting in a puppet theater in the class of Prof. Atanas Ilkov. Then, she continues her career acting in the drama theater in the class of Prof. Nadezhda Seykova for 4 years.

In 1990 she graduates from the Academy with a major in Drama Theater Acting.

She begins her career in the theatre as a student at the Drama Theater in the play “Comedy of Errors” by Shakespeare, where she also makes her debut. In the fall of 1990, she left for Cyprus, following her husband Andreas Melekis, actor and director of dramatic theater. Since
1990, Monica has played about 70 roles from international producers and authors and acted in TV series in Cyprus and Greece.

She possesses ofa good level of English. Since 2000 she has been part of the cast of Larnaca Cyprus Theater where she works to this day. Together with actress Yulia Batsieva, in 2017 she creates the Cyprus-Bulgarian Theater and Children&’s Theater School “Temple of Melpomene”.

Monica and Andreas have three children – daughter Venus – 32 (opera singer), and two sons, Johnnis – 18. and Orpheas – 12.

Mimi Nikolova

Mimi Nikolova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She graduated from the 110th Sofia University “Gotse Delchev” – Sofia. She has devoted to music since a little girl, and professionally for 28 years. For two years, she teaches folk singing at a Bulgarian school in the Republic of Cyprus and 3 years as a private tutor.

Since 2010, she is a soloist at TA Bulgari – Cyprus. Mimi Nikolova is part of the “Arena” team in Cyprus and is involved in organizing Bulgarian cultural events.

In 2013 Mimi completes a professional course in teaching authentic folklore at the Chernorizets Hrabur VFU Varna. She has taken part in many local and international cultural events.

Tsvetana Papastavrou

Tsvetana Papastavrou was born in Sofia in 1982. Her origin is from Kyustendil. She is married with two children. She attended the Foreign Language High School “Dr. Petar Beron” in Kyustendil. She holds a diploma in European Studies from Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” and a master degree from the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski”, in “International Organizations and Multilateral Diplomacy”. She also holds a diploma in history from “Bishop Konstantin of Preslav”, University of Shumen.