“Bulgarche 2020” Cultural Club is a non-profit association founded in 2020.

The training at the Bulgarche Cultural Club can be full-day, half-day and hourly. The club works in small groups, which allows more attention and individual work with children of all ages who are willing to learn Bulgarian (as their mother tongue or a second foreign language), history,
customs and Bulgarian culture.
The main orientation of the Cultural Club “Bulgarche” is towards:

  • Bulgarian language and Literature;
  • History and Geography of Bulgaria;
  • Development and support of amateur and professional artistic creativity (folk dances, sports, music, drawing, theater, artistic reading, etc.);
  • Classes, workshops, courses and outside-school-hours activities organization.

The aim of the Bulgarche 2020 Cultural Club is to provide conditions for the education of
children and adults in the Republic of Cyprus.

Guided by the idea that bilingual culture enriches our spiritual worldview, bringing depth to our expression, the mission of the club is to preserve and spread the Bulgarian language, Bulgarian traditions and culture; Bulgarian history and the Bulgarian values.

Cultural Club “Bulgarche – 2020: – NO AGE RESTRICTED!